I Think My Mom is Picking on My Cat

Phin with his white whisker

I think Mom is driving my cat crazy! My youngest, Phineas, can’t see, and he goes around the house crying and looking at the ceiling. He keeps trying to get as close to the ceiling as possible; climbing on the couches and chairs and pawing at the wall.

I told hubby that Mom must be calling for him and he can see her. It’s been said babies and animals can see spirits, so it makes sense. However, she needs to leave him alone because he’s driving us crazy! He “runs” on the blinds and sticks his head under my tiger wall hanging and runs on the wall and cries.

Mom was very excited about the prospect of having a kitten in the house again. Sprinkles (my dearly departed tuxedo cat) was 16 and Mom’s cat was 15, so we hadn’t had kittens for a long time. Unfortunately, Mom never came home from the hospital, and we didn’t get a kitten until a month or two after she passed.

I’m sure there’s another explanation, but I can’t think of one. When Phin’s crying and walking around, I say his name and he nearly breaks his neck following my voice and starts loving my hand and face like I’ve been gone for a week. After a few minutes, he leaves and starts running on stuff and crying again. I don’t know what he wants or needs.

At first, we thought he was lost and needed us to call for him, but if that was the case, he would be happy when he found us. The Internet has not been helpful, which is a rarity. He’s my first disabled cat, but I try to accommodate him as much as possible. If only all of them could talk!

Published by Amanda Riley

Amanda is a general, legal, and medical transcriptionist and freelance content writer for companies from WV. She loves her 3 kiddies, reading, writing, and crocheting. #AutismAtWork

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