Sex and the City

I’ve been working on my site and trying not to freak out too much over the fact that one of my contracts will be completed soon. I really, really don’t want to go back to transcription. I like it well enough (eh, not really true anymore), but doing it for over 12 years has taken its toll. My ankles and calves kill me from using a foot pedal for over a decade.

I want to continue writing! It’s much better coming up with my own words than typing what other people are saying. I could be the next Carrie Bradshaw if I lived in a city and had a lot of sex. Of course, I wouldn’t have married Mr. Big; what an arrogant douche he was! She needed to stick with Aiden, in my opinion. And that wedding dress! Ick. But I digress.

Two of my posts were finally published, which was very exciting to me! I wrote four blog posts for Alpha Surfaces and have been waiting for them to go live. It was validating, I suppose. I love doing home improvement and remodeling, even though I don’t do home improvement and remodeling. I did rip up the carpet in the spare room and buy flooring for it, but school and work keep me from getting started. It will happen eventually.

I now spend my days working and applying for jobs on LinkedIn and Indeed. I have noticed people aren’t very friendly on LinkedIn. I follow my school, SNHU, and when people post about graduating, I congratulate them. It’s just how I was raised. I’m not stalking anyone or trying to horn in on their profiles; the posts just show up in my feed because I follow SNHU.

Not one single person has acknowledged my congratulations posts. I don’t know why I keep doing it, honestly. We were taught to be polite and kind. When I graduate, I would be very appreciative if someone congratulated me, even if I didn’t know them. Heck, I’m appreciative of the likes I get for my posts. I guess being kind and polite are outdated concepts for a large amount of the population.

Published by Amanda Riley

Amanda is a general, legal, and medical transcriptionist and freelance content writer for companies from WV. She loves her 3 kiddies, reading, writing, and crocheting. #AutismAtWork

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