Dear Zoomers

Disclaimer: This might get pissy because people annoy me, and people who insult others while being incorrect really annoy me. My parents were Baby Boomers, AKA “Boomers.” I’m a Millennial/Gen Y. The annoying, “Okay, Boomer,” crowd is Gen Z, or “Zoomers,” NOT Millennials. Saying Millennials are just now reaching the age to join the workforce is incorrect! Those are Gen Z’s. Know the difference; it’s not hard to figure out.

With that being said, lay off the Boomers! They did not destroy the planet. Earth Day started in the ’70s, co-founded by the Unicorn Killer (just an interesting fact). The only things destroying the planet are over-population, supply and demand, and greed, so stop. But I digress.

I want to know why some Gen Z’s are so lazy and neglectful when they have the world at their fingertips? I see all these Kids React videos, and it just baffles my mind. I can remember receiving my first CD (The Bodyguard soundtrack) and CD player for Christmas when I was a kid.

Before that, we had a lot of cassette tapes and we recorded songs off the radio. I don’t mean Apple Radio or Sirius XM. However, I knew what a record and record player were and that people listened to shows on the radio because the television hadn’t been invented.

My little cousins are Zoomers, children of Generation X, and they are (pop) culturally well-rounded and their parents encourage them to learn about things from earlier generations, such as music, bands, movies, TV shows, etc.

What are you other Zoomers doing? Why don’t you know about anything that came before 2000? What are you doing, parents? Gen Z’s are practically born with smartphones in their hands, but they don’t know who Matilda is or what Friends or Will & Grace are.

You may never know there were four hilarious women over 50 who accidentally stayed at a nudist resort and didn’t know they had to wear clothes in the dining area. Spoiler alert: There was a very large red cardboard heart involved.

You guys literally have all of this information in the palms of your hands. Don’t say, “Okay, Boomer,” when someone older than you mentions M*A*S*H. Go to IMDb and look the damn thing up, or look it up on YouTube. Check out the series finale; that will blow your mind. And guess what? I wasn’t even alive when M*A*S*H aired or ended. Crazy, huh?

Spend more time learning about what came before you instead of how many likes, hearts, and retweets you get. You can watch movies from the 1920s for free. They are mostly silent movies, so you may not like them, but they are there for the taking. You have so much history at your disposal and you just dismiss it all with an asinine phrase.

Listen to Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. Check out Minnie the Moocher; she’s a real pill. Learn where “Dy-no-mite!” came from. It won’t age you, I promise.

With a little homework, you, too, can know who Glen Coco is and why he’s so fetch. You can learn why fetch never happened, and it’s not going to happen. You’re in the midst of a pandemic (those, and worse, have happened before as well), so use this time to learn things pre-2010, or even pre-2000, if you’re feeling adventurous.

Google “human spontaneous combustion.” Be careful if you do an image search, it’s not pretty. Amaze your friends by knowing what an 8-track and Betamax are. If they look at you funny and ask why you know that, just smile and say, “I looked it up.”

Published by Amanda Riley

Amanda is a general, legal, and medical transcriptionist and freelance content writer for companies from WV. She loves her 3 kiddies, reading, writing, and crocheting. #AutismAtWork

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